Taylor & Nicolette – Friday the 13th Love

I was lucky enough to capture two weddings on a beautiful weekend in October. The first of these two weddings just so happened to be on Friday the 13th. This was by no means an accident or coincidence. On a warm day with just enough breeze to keep the STL heat bearable, Taylor & Nicolette came together to pledge their love to one another.

The day started off with the boys joking and smoking until the girls arrived, from that point on it was moments of silliness, genuine love, friendship and family. From Taylors band Union Grove (plus Jimmy) as his groomsmen, to Nicolette’s daughter, bridesmaids. The day was filled with improvised moments and songs from the young ones, to groomsmen grabbing each others butts. At the reception Taylors band Union Grove played (Taylor on guitar, Jake on vocals, Ricky on Bass & Dolan on drums). This only made sense considering the two met at a show Union Grove played. October, Friday the 13th, will live on as a day filled with fun, spookiness and love. Taylor and Nicolette Congratulations. Here are a few sneak peeks for you guys. ❤


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