Film’s Not Dead

I’ve recently been paying more attention to the 35mm Minolta I “borrowed” from my mom. Growing up in a digital age and shooting primality on DSLR’s for most of my life, it is funny thinking about film and approaching it; it feels like a much more intentional thing. Just recently I realized anytime I decide to go on a photo walk by myself or with friends, I find myself reaching for my film camera versus my digital Fujifilm XT2. I love my digital camera, however as soon as I put my face to the view finder on my moms old film camera my perspective just shifts.

I feel like when I am looking at a shot through that Minolta, I’m a kid again and no shot is the wrong shot. When I’m shooting film everything feels more special because I have 36 frames. Every click of my shutter is me pausing, taking a breath, and being present. I guess it’s been really connected to my current phase in life. More so than I realized. I’ve been working so hard lately, while that’s not a bad thing it’s kept me from finding beauty and stillness in current moments. Anytime I pick up that camera, I find myself slowing down and being me, being unafraid of taking the wrong shot.

To be honest, I let about 10 rolls of film sit untouched for a long time. I had a few developed the other day and every shot brought me back to that moment and why I took that photo. I don’t think I’ve realized until recently how much I love photography and what a big part of my life it takes up. Thought I’d share a few of my favorites.

Camera: Minolta X-370

Film: FujiFilm Provia 400 ; FujiFilm Velvia 400





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