Will & Sedellia : A MidWest Love Story

Will & Sedellia are the kind of people that you realize are best friends almost instantly. Their love for one other radiates on a level that shows years beyond their age. On their wedding day it rained, while some people may see that as a sign of misfortune I see it as a blessing and a sign of good luck. While some people may let the rain ruin their day, they took it in stride. I can only imagine this will be a reflection of how they will  handle what seems to be “misfortune” in the years to come.

With this being my last wedding of the year, I found myself reflecting on the 2018 season. One thing I realized I have always loved about photographing weddings is that, as a person who is very removed form the couples life, I get to be apart of such intimate moments. I feel trusted by not only the bride and groom, but their family and guests.

It was a very special moment to watch Sedellia’s mother look at her daughter for the first time in her dress. Or see Christina Smerick (professor and officiant of the wedding) comfort Will at the front of the aisle before the ceremony began. Even when Will & Sedellia read their vows to one another, there was a hushed energy in the room as everyone hung on the words they exchanged. It felt hard to take photos of them durning these moments, as it felt intrusive. Looking back at these photos, I remember all of that for them. I feel very honored to have been apart of these moments.

Looking back its funny, because your wedding day is just a multitude of small moments that are: overwhelming, magical, stressful, joyful, unforgettable. All these things become compiled into a single perfect day.

Love to you both, congratulations Will & Sedellia!



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