Bad Bitch Club: Tarot & Solstice Intimates

Lets talk about expression. I realized that my life has been an ebb and flow of finding and defining my boundaries while allowing myself to take up space. I’ve figured out the majority of who I am through playful self exploration and honestly just not giving a shit about what others are expecting of me. It becomes really difficult when you are constantly worried about what others want of you, forgetting what you even need from or for yourself.

This year has been a year of shedding away the weight of what everyone has always wanted and expected of me. Its been a year of growing into new things I never would have dared to allow myself to be years prior. Its been a year of being gentler with myself, braver, showing up honestly for myself and seeing my shadow and light for what it is.

So lets get down to it, the two things that constantly inspire and empower me to be the bad bitch that I am. First is my spirituality, which ties directly into my favorite divination tool: tarot. Tarot has been the most consistent spiritual practice I have ever participated in. I’ve grown so much with it, it has become a sort of communion between myself and I. It has really allowed me to spend time with myself, love myself and be honest about who I am and who I want to become.

The second thing is just indulging in the finer things of life, something soft, something warm, something that makes me feel confident, magical and sexy. As a Taurus I’m not afraid to admit, yeah, I love decadent things. Honestly, velvet is my secret love. So to consider the fact that I found Solstice Intimates a few years ago changed my world. Not only are the products unique one of a kind creations, it is also family owned. Natalie is the genius behind all the beautiful creations you’ll see on their instagram and website. Her husband Joseph it the man behind the camera, giving the pieces a life and story of their own. Holy shit, talk about a power couple. I feel inspired by their creations and feel so excited and empowered to be my magical self in one of their pieces. I’ve never worn something that feels so much like a second skin and there is nothing I’d rather read tarot in. Quick shout out for the drop Solstice Intimates is doing April 10!!!

With all this to say, I normally don’t do shoots like this, but I’m here to step out of my comfort zone. My new rule for myself is if I want to try or do something, I just do it. Even if it scares me. I did a self portrait shoot a few months back and finally decided to share it. Its always nerve racking to share art but as any artist knows, you don’t really have a choice. To explain, in the Traditional Rider-Wait Tarot deck there is a card called the Fool. The Fool is pulled by his heart so strongly to the thing he feels called to, that even if that thing is to step over the ledge of a cliff he does not second guess it. It is his hearts calling. He is called to do something that may seem crazy to everyone else, but to him its the only thing that makes sense. I can only hope to be more like the fool.

Photography: Rhiannon Rae Callahan

Clothing: Solstice Intimates


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