To be young, and then older.

You must be wondering how I made it this far in life, me too. I can’t believe the highs and the lows. The performance pieces, the support, the love. All that I’ve accomplished. Greenville College wasn’t the problem during that time in my life. There was a lot falling apart, but only to fall together in my favor. It gave me stronger bones, a stronger spirit, and helped me find people, truly good people who I could trust and rely on in some truly desperate times. To look back and think about the woman I was, I’m proud of her, I am inspired by her, and I know I still am her just wiser now.

I finally found where the contacts go on my website, and I found an old message from my college art professor. He told me “you got this, trust me.” This was in regards to my MFA work I was planning on pursing at the time in Azusa, CA.

I can’t describe the feeling, but it made me cry. But in a warm and fuzzy way, in a familiar way like being wrapped in a blanket. I think a lot of those people who helped me saw the force that I was, saw my strength, my resilience. That there was so much more going on for me than just your average college experience. And I handled it with grace, messily and in stride.

I know who I am. And I’m not afraid to be her anymore. Where this leads me now I am entirely uncertain. But what I am certain of is to never doubt myself, to always believe in myself, and to always, always follow my heart. I know where my passion lies, I just have to stop pretending I don’t.

Mandy & Jordan

At the end of June 2018 I had the pleasure of being a part of Mandy & Jordans wedding day. Before the wedding I spoke with Mandy on the phone and knew this was going to be a special event. Everything from the venue to the small details made their wedding day unforgettable.

My first impression of Mandy & Jordan, along with their friends and family, was how much they all loved one another. Upon walking into a room I realized I was entering into a space that was filled with people that held a strong bond.  To see two people get married that are supported by such a strong community, that brings me such joy. Being a part of Mandy and Jordans wedding felt effortless, in a way that everyone made you feel at home and comfortable.

Congratulations to you both!


Bad Bitch Club: Tarot & Solstice Intimates

Lets talk about expression. I realized that my life has been an ebb and flow of finding and defining my boundaries while allowing myself to take up space. I’ve figured out the majority of who I am through playful self exploration and honestly just not giving a shit about what others are expecting of me. It becomes really difficult when you are constantly worried about what others want of you, forgetting what you even need from or for yourself.

This year has been a year of shedding away the weight of what everyone has always wanted and expected of me. Its been a year of growing into new things I never would have dared to allow myself to be years prior. Its been a year of being gentler with myself, braver, showing up honestly for myself and seeing my shadow and light for what it is.

So lets get down to it, the two things that constantly inspire and empower me to be the bad bitch that I am. First is my spirituality, which ties directly into my favorite divination tool: tarot. Tarot has been the most consistent spiritual practice I have ever participated in. I’ve grown so much with it, it has become a sort of communion between myself and I. It has really allowed me to spend time with myself, love myself and be honest about who I am and who I want to become.

The second thing is just indulging in the finer things of life, something soft, something warm, something that makes me feel confident, magical and sexy. As a Taurus I’m not afraid to admit, yeah, I love decadent things. Honestly, velvet is my secret love. So to consider the fact that I found Solstice Intimates a few years ago changed my world. Not only are the products unique one of a kind creations, it is also family owned. Natalie is the genius behind all the beautiful creations you’ll see on their instagram and website. Her husband Joseph it the man behind the camera, giving the pieces a life and story of their own. Holy shit, talk about a power couple. I feel inspired by their creations and feel so excited and empowered to be my magical self in one of their pieces. I’ve never worn something that feels so much like a second skin and there is nothing I’d rather read tarot in. Quick shout out for the drop Solstice Intimates is doing April 10!!!

With all this to say, I normally don’t do shoots like this, but I’m here to step out of my comfort zone. My new rule for myself is if I want to try or do something, I just do it. Even if it scares me. I did a self portrait shoot a few months back and finally decided to share it. Its always nerve racking to share art but as any artist knows, you don’t really have a choice. To explain, in the Traditional Rider-Wait Tarot deck there is a card called the Fool. The Fool is pulled by his heart so strongly to the thing he feels called to, that even if that thing is to step over the ledge of a cliff he does not second guess it. It is his hearts calling. He is called to do something that may seem crazy to everyone else, but to him its the only thing that makes sense. I can only hope to be more like the fool.

Photography: Rhiannon Rae Callahan

Clothing: Solstice Intimates

Tarot and Religion


The High Priestess – Rhiannon Rae Callahan 

For a little background I grew up in a non-denominational Christian household and attended Lutheran private schools through 3rd grade to High School. During my time at College I attended a small Community College then moved on to attend a Free Methodist University. My whole life has been steeped in religion, starting from a very young age. My communities, my household, my friends. Everything revolved around religion, specifically Christianity.

Fast forward to now, I do not attend church, but I do practice reading tarot every single day. I was introduced to tarot a little over a year ago by a tarot reading chaos witch named Jennifer Joseph (@naturalmagics on Instagram). Jen is a crystal pipe maker and tarot reader. I found her on Instagram at a time in my life when it felt like the very religion I grew up with was the thing causing me to feel like I didn’t belong. I did not feel like I belonged in the community I was surrounded by, the friends I had made, or even myself. There is a card in the tarot deck called the Tower, and if you are familiar with that card you will know the general feel of that card is turmoil and chaos. An upheaval of your very existence, that was my reality then.

Without hesitation I emailed Jen, asking her for a tarot reading. At this time in my life I was starting to open up to things traditionally demonized in the church. Things like tarot, tracking moon cycles, witches and even rock and roll where taboo growing up. All things I love. Looking back I’m not surprised I felt so out of place, I couldn’t even be alone and feel like I was myself. I was not making space for myself to explore and be who I was called to be.

Shortly after receiving the reading from Jen I found myself in a Spiritual book store looking to buy my own tarot deck. I held and inspected each one, finally settling on the Rider-Waite deck (the Pamela Coleman Smith Commemorative edition). Upon opening my deck, I approached it with hesitancy. I was raised to believe the devil worked through these cards, that God could not be present and you were turning your back on your faith. Each day I would pull a single card from my deck and inspect the imagery, looking to see what messages I could hear and take with me for that day. As each day passed, I pulled another card and felt myself becoming closer with my deck and closer to myself. I was taking a small amount of time each day and dedicating it to myself. Something I had forgotten to do over time.

Fast forward to a year later with my deck and it has become a part of my daily ritual. The time I set aside for myself to mediate, reflect and check in. I can say with confidence tarot has helped shape my daily life for the better, enhanced my spiritual life and it is a practice that helps me ground myself. I’m not promising that you will pick up a tarot deck and it will magically transform your life. No, the most beautiful thing about tarot is the messages you can receive, and the action you choose to take on your behalf. Tarot has helped me find myself again, its taught me to listen and to check in with who I am. To make time for myself and to extend patience and love in the ways that I can.

The reason I’m writing this is because I want everyone to know its okay to explore and expand. I felt so out of touch with myself a year ago. Even now I am not perfect and know I still have plenty of work to do, it never ends! But that is a beautiful thing. I just want everyone out there to know that if you don’t feel like yourself, if you feel stuck or lost that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to start asking yourself questions: “how do I feel today? Why do I feel the way I feel?” To see what parts of yourself you are holding back or not pursuing, based out of fear for what others will think. It was scary for me to explore tarot because I didn’t think that the people around me would understand. But by opening up and asking myself questions and seeking myself I found an abundance of support and knowledge, even from people within my inner circle.

Tarot has become something I love so deeply because it brings me back to myself. If you ever want to know more, here is my open door.


Will & Sedellia : A MidWest Love Story

Will & Sedellia are the kind of people that you realize are best friends almost instantly. Their love for one other radiates on a level that shows years beyond their age. On their wedding day it rained, while some people may see that as a sign of misfortune I see it as a blessing and a sign of good luck. While some people may let the rain ruin their day, they took it in stride. I can only imagine this will be a reflection of how they will  handle what seems to be “misfortune” in the years to come.

With this being my last wedding of the year, I found myself reflecting on the 2018 season. One thing I realized I have always loved about photographing weddings is that, as a person who is very removed form the couples life, I get to be apart of such intimate moments. I feel trusted by not only the bride and groom, but their family and guests.

It was a very special moment to watch Sedellia’s mother look at her daughter for the first time in her dress. Or see Christina Smerick (professor and officiant of the wedding) comfort Will at the front of the aisle before the ceremony began. Even when Will & Sedellia read their vows to one another, there was a hushed energy in the room as everyone hung on the words they exchanged. It felt hard to take photos of them durning these moments, as it felt intrusive. Looking back at these photos, I remember all of that for them. I feel very honored to have been apart of these moments.

Looking back its funny, because your wedding day is just a multitude of small moments that are: overwhelming, magical, stressful, joyful, unforgettable. All these things become compiled into a single perfect day.

Love to you both, congratulations Will & Sedellia!


Nostalgia, But

It’s funny, how easy it is to reminisce on the past. I say this looking over old photos that I took and that were taken of me durning my last year of undergrad at Greenville College. Those were some of the hardest years of my life. Looking back at these photos though, I can’t help but think what a beautiful and simple time it was. It was a safe haven away from the things of the world. Even right now as I’m sitting wishing I were in these photos from the past, I know I will look at photos I had taken while living in Seattle and think, “wow, I wish I were there again, what a beautiful and simple time.”

Long story short, I’m just learning to live in the now and be grateful for what a beautiful and amazing life I have lived up until Now.

Some film photos below for your enjoyment.

Location: Pike Place

Film: 35mm Velvia100

Film’s Not Dead

I’ve recently been paying more attention to the 35mm Minolta I “borrowed” from my mom. Growing up in a digital age and shooting primality on DSLR’s for most of my life, it is funny thinking about film and approaching it; it feels like a much more intentional thing. Just recently I realized anytime I decide to go on a photo walk by myself or with friends, I find myself reaching for my film camera versus my digital Fujifilm XT2. I love my digital camera, however as soon as I put my face to the view finder on my moms old film camera my perspective just shifts.

I feel like when I am looking at a shot through that Minolta, I’m a kid again and no shot is the wrong shot. When I’m shooting film everything feels more special because I have 36 frames. Every click of my shutter is me pausing, taking a breath, and being present. I guess it’s been really connected to my current phase in life. More so than I realized. I’ve been working so hard lately, while that’s not a bad thing it’s kept me from finding beauty and stillness in current moments. Anytime I pick up that camera, I find myself slowing down and being me, being unafraid of taking the wrong shot.

To be honest, I let about 10 rolls of film sit untouched for a long time. I had a few developed the other day and every shot brought me back to that moment and why I took that photo. I don’t think I’ve realized until recently how much I love photography and what a big part of my life it takes up. Thought I’d share a few of my favorites.

Camera: Minolta X-370

Film: FujiFilm Provia 400 ; FujiFilm Velvia 400




Mandy & Jordan / Wedding Bells In Everette

At the end of June I had the pleasure of being a part of Mandy & Jordans wedding day. Before the wedding I spoke with Mandy on the phone and knew this was going to be a special event. Everything from the venue to the small details made their wedding day unforgettable.

Both the wedding ceremony and reception were held at the Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everette, WA. This venue not only was easy to find, it was timeless and beautiful. From the all-brick exterior the to carefully decorated interior, the Monte Cristo made for a seamless and stress free day.

My first impression of Mandy & Jordan, along with their friends and family, was how much they all loved one another. Upon walking into a room I realized I was entering into a space that was filled with people that held a strong bond.  To see two people get married that are supported by such a strong community, that brings me such joy. Being a part of Mandy and Jordans wedding felt effortless, in a way that everyone made you feel at home and comfortable.

I would also love to give a shout out to the day of coordinator, Amy Wood. She was consistantly there when you needed her and was an endless resource. I couldn’t recommend her more if you are planning a wedding and are thinking of hiring a day of coordinator. All the details will be listed below as well as some highlights of Mandy and Jordans big day!

Congratulations to you both!

Venue: Monte Cristo Ballroom, Everette, WA / 1507 Wall St, Everett, WA 98201

Couple: Mandy & Jordan Walker

Date: 06.24.18

Day of Coordinator: Amy Wood / Email :

Photography: Rhiannon Callahan / Instagram : @rhiannonraecallahan

Second Photographer: Justin Moran / Instagram : _justin_moran_