You must be wondering how I made it this far in life, me too. I can’t believe the highs and the lows. The performance pieces, the support, the love. All that I’ve accomplished. Greenville College wasn’t the problem during that time in my life. There was a lot falling apart, but only to fall together in my favor. It gave me stronger bones, a stronger spirit, and helped me find people, truly good people who I could trust and rely on in some truly desperate times. To look back and think about the woman I was, I’m proud of her, I am inspired by her, and I know I still am her just wiser now.

I finally found where the contacts go on my website, and I found an old message from my college art professor. He told me “you got this, trust me.” This was in regards to my MFA work I was planning on pursing at the time in Azusa, CA.

I can’t describe the feeling, but it made me cry. But in a warm and fuzzy way, in a familiar way like being wrapped in a blanket. I think a lot of those people who helped me saw the force that I was, saw my strength, my resilience. That there was so much more going on for me than just your average college experience. And I handled it with grace, messily and in stride.

I know who I am. And I’m not afraid to be her anymore. Where this leads me now I am entirely uncertain. But what I am certain of is to never doubt myself, to always believe in myself, and to always, always follow my heart. I know where my passion lies, I just have to stop pretending I don’t.