Bad Bitch Club: Tarot & Solstice Intimates

Lets talk about expression. I realized that my life has been an ebb and flow of finding and defining my boundaries while allowing myself to take up space. I’ve figured out the majority of who I am through playful self exploration and honestly just not giving a shit about what others are expecting of me.Continue reading “Bad Bitch Club: Tarot & Solstice Intimates”

Old Fashioned At Backdoor at Roxy’s

This last week Justin Moran and I set up at Backdoor at Roxy’s. Dana the Events Coordinator was gracious enough to allow us a time slot at the Backdoor to do a recording session as well as get some photos in. I’m in love with this set, check out the video and photos below! Location:Continue reading “Old Fashioned At Backdoor at Roxy’s”

Tarot and Religion

The High Priestess – Rhiannon Rae Callahan¬† For a little background I grew up in a non-denominational Christian household and attended Lutheran private schools through 3rd grade to High School. During my time at College I attended a small Community College then moved on to attend a Free Methodist University. My whole life has beenContinue reading “Tarot and Religion”

Will & Sedellia : A MidWest Love Story

Will & Sedellia are the kind of people that you realize are best friends almost instantly. Their love for one other radiates on a level that shows years beyond their age. On their wedding day it rained, while some people may see that as a sign of misfortune I see it as a blessing andContinue reading “Will & Sedellia : A MidWest Love Story”

Mandy & Jordan / Wedding Bells In Everette

At the end of June I had the pleasure of being a part of Mandy & Jordans wedding day. Before the wedding I spoke with Mandy on the phone and knew this was going to be a special event. Everything from the venue to the small details made their wedding day unforgettable. Both the weddingContinue reading “Mandy & Jordan / Wedding Bells In Everette”

One Year in Seattle/ Upcoming Show

Well I don’t normally do these but I think I’d like to start. I suppose what inspired me to start sharing again is the 1 year anniversary of my website!¬†Kind of a quick insight for what I plan on using this area for is: wedding highlights, showcasing artists I love and the occasional personal projectsContinue reading “One Year in Seattle/ Upcoming Show”