Well I don’t normally do these but I think I’d like to start. I suppose what inspired me to start sharing again is the 1 year anniversary of my website! Kind of a quick insight for what I plan on using this area for is: wedding highlights, showcasing artists I love and the occasional personal projects I work on from time to time (maybe even some poetry).

For this first post I would like to use this space to highlight someone I am incredibly proud of. A talented artist and someone very close to me. Justin Moran. For a quick update, Justin & I moved to Seattle almost a year ago (September 1st). This year in Seattle has been filled with a lot of growing pains and growing up, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Both of us decided to come to Seattle to pursue art and that is why I am so excited to announce that Justin has an upcoming show at Stone Way Cafe, Saturday July 14th starting @ 7pm. If you live in Seattle or within driving distance of Seattle please come by, bring some friends and enjoy some incredible talent.

Artist: Justin Moran

Venue: Stone Way Cafe, 3510 Stone Way N, Seattle WA 98103

Date: Saturday, July 14th @ 7pm

Photos: Rhiannon Callahan