Intuitive Tarot Readings

Located in Seattle, WA I offer private readings, & group readings. I see Tarot as the Divine working within us all. I believe as a collective we are all connected and have something to offer others. Insights, wisdom and connection. I believe a reading does a few things depending on what you set out to intend with it.

First, there is a connection between two participating parties, where I always ask for our highest good be served and that we may both receive something from the reading.

Second, there is introspection, as for whatever information I receive as the reader I will digest and interpret what the cards, guides, & spirits have to say.

Lastly, integration. This last piece is crucial and the results of an outcome rests completely in your hands. Choosing to claim your power and step into who you truly are.

Depending on the reading please allow between 1-3 months in terms of events playing out and unfolding and messages coming in for you surrounding the reading. However for a more in depth read I would allow 6 month to a 1 year to really see events unfold and allowing messages to align for you.

The Future

In terms of reading for the future I believe very much in energy and the power that energy has over our lives and destinies. With this being said your future reflects your energetic trajectory in this current moment. Should you decided to change gears and where you are directing your energy the outcome will change. I see the future not merely as something predestined, however a critical way to claim your power and allow yourself to see were you have true control over yourself and the outcome of your life.

Allow 2-3 weeks for your reading to be fully uploaded and delivered via Google Drive or a Youtube video with a private link for you only.