It’s funny, how easy it is to reminisce on the past. I say this looking over old photos that I took and that were taken of me durning my last year of undergrad at Greenville College. Those were some of the hardest years of my life. Looking back at these photos though, I can’t help but think what a beautiful and simple time it was. It was a safe haven away from the things of the world. Even right now as I’m sitting wishing I were in these photos from the past, I know I will look at photos I had taken while living in Seattle and think, “wow, I wish I were there again, what a beautiful and simple time.”

Long story short, I’m just learning to live in the now and be grateful for what a beautiful and amazing life I have lived up until Now.

Some film photos below for your enjoyment.

Location: Pike Place

Film: 35mm Velvia100